It's Opening Day, which means that baseball fans across the country will be dipping out of work early — or skipping the office entirely — to shiver in the early Spring sunshine at their local ballpark. It also marks the beginning of Jumbotron Engagement Season!

Yeah, okay you caught me: I totally just made up Jumbotron Engagement Season. But ... can we maybe pretend it's a real thing?

Inspired by our roundup of sports-themed weddings, Toronto Blue Jays superfan and newlywed Meghan got in touch to share photos from her baseball-y wedding and oh my God you guys her shoes, look at her shoes!!!!

Speaking of shoes, digging through the comments in response to a post about wedding sneaker options turned up this pair of Keds with baseball stitching that one bride wore on her big day.

And so it only seemed right, what with such a baseball-loving readership, to round up some other examples of baseball weddings in honor of Opening Day. Of course, incorporating baseball-related details goes way beyond just shoes, as in the case of this Baltimore Orioles wedding.

These Phillies superfans also gave out Cracker Jacks, and went a step further by offering bowls of peanuts for guests to snack on.

Wedding cakes are another popular way in which couples express their love of the game.

Hometown pride being what it is, it's only right to round out this collection of baseball wedding details with what is obviously the best wedding cake in all the lands and all the seas.


Images via Joseph Michael Photography; Baltimore Bride; Kaitlin Noel Photography; The Knot; Cake Chooser.

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