Think Twice Before You Tell Your Parents About Your Open Marriage

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Today we have a lesson on never sharing anything with your family, ever, and certainly not if it involves the details of your not-exactly-traditional marriage.

Last night Daily Dot writer Miles Klee went on a Twitter tear about his family taking issue with his open marriage. It's not clear whether Klee's tweets were an earnest expression of frustration, internet performance art, or a simple troll for tail. But nothing ruins Easter like the intricacies of your marriage laid bare before the skeptical eyes of one's own family. Take it from Klee.

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I read two pages of his bullshit (that's enough) and now I'm of the opinion that while his family may be dysfunctional, his need to put everything in public, not just his and his wife's decision to be non-monogamous, is part of the problem.

Not everybody likes family shit aired. And thinking that they just need to get over it doesn't help.

Maybe his family isn't in the right. But I'm not seeing where he is either.

Be an adult. Make a decision about how you'll deal with your family. But don't add to the drama and dysfunction by writing about it endlessly like this. It's just shit-stirring. Tell it to your friends or therapist.