Hey, Big Spenders: How Much Did Your Wedding Cost?

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Usually when we discuss wedding budgets and spending, the same thing happens: those of you who got married on the cheap are excited and proud tell everyone about it. Which is lovely, as we wholly support using your dollars to tell the wedding industry to fuck right off. Now please take a seat.

Weddings needn't cost a fortune to be beautiful, fun and full of meaning. Damn straight. Nevertheless, the average American wedding costs over thirty grand — obviously, many of you are spending serious dollars. So let's talk about it. What good is an anonymous commenting system if we can't use it to talk about stacks of filthy wedding money?

If you spent $20,000 and up (and up, and up, and up), do tell. Try and use the following format:

  • Final all-in cost, from dress to reception (but not including honeymoon)
  • City and state, month and year
  • Number of guests and venue type — hotel, country club, space station, gas station, whatever
  • Anything else you'd like to include, but you don't have to explain yourself or justify anything here.

No judging, no bragging, just sharing.

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  • Around $75,000
  • Boston, MA - June 28, 2014
  • We invited 235 and thankfully wound up with 175. Our ceremony and reception was at an event space located on the 33rd floor of a building overlooking Boston Harbor, called The State Room.
  • We really don't have an excuse as to why we went all out. To be perfectly honest I wanted to elope and my husband wanted the big white wedding. By the time we were wedding venue hunting, my husband proposed to me at Fenway Park on opening day, my Nana died the very next day and a week later the Boston Marathon bombing happened. We were on our own because my mom had pass years before and my Dad wasn't about to come look with us. I think it was the emotional roller coaster that caused us to go YOLO. More like YOMO (You Only Marry Once) because we are only doing this once. That and you cannot deny getting married with a view like this as your backdrop: