Couple Suing The Waldorf-Astoria Because Wedding Guest's Gun Went Off

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A wedding reception at the Waldorf-Astoria was interrupted and ultimately shut down last weekend when a guest’s gun accidentally discharged during a pre-wedding cocktail hour, injuring 5 people. Incredibly, the ceremony went on without a hitch; the bride didn’t discover what had happened until the hotel told her the reception would be cancelled, at which point, a source informed the New York Post, she let out a “blood curdling scream.”


Anna Goldshmidt and her husband Elan Stratiyevsky are now suing the Waldorf-Astoria for ruining their special day. By canceling the reception. Because the gun that had shot several guests still hadn’t been located.

So crazy and rash of the Waldorf-Astoria! The couple said in a statement:

“We are planning to sue the Waldorf for the costs of the wedding and the emotional harm suffered by the bride and groom, whose dream wedding was destroyed for no reason whatsoever by Waldorf personnel. A suit is also contemplated against the shooter, whose recklessness created the havoc.”


Hm. Yes, we might sue the man who brought a gun to our wedding and accidentally discharged it and then hid it from authorities for several hours, but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that we’re definitely suing the venue, who shut down our wedding for “no reason whatsoever”!

Guest (and relative of the groom) Vladimir Gotlibovsky was ultimately charged with reckless endangerment, assault with criminal negligence and tampering with physical evidence; his brother Felix was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence.

Welcome to wedding season, folks.

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This is genuinely hilarious and much needed right now. I get married this coming Saturday and the beautiful outdoors reception I’ve planned for a year has to suddenly change because the weather is going to be about 98F — over 20 degrees hotter than it usually is this time of year in my town. I’m a little freaking out, a little trying to be chill. Can we please have some stories of other times when Acts of God crashed the party, to ease my sorry mind???