Did Your Ex Freak Out When You Got Engaged?

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Many people, when they get engaged, don’t give their exes a thought. For other people, probably more than are willing to admit, their exes merit a fleeting thought when they decide to take that walk down the aisle.

Then there are the others, the ones we’re here today asking to stand up and tell us everything: The ones whose exes — or whose fiancé/e’s ex — freaked the fuck out.

Were there tears? Screaming?? ALTERNATE PROPOSALS??? Oh please please please let there be at least one story of dueling engagement rings.


Somewhat related, did any of you anticipate such a scene and try to head it off at the pass? If so, what did you do? Did you speak privately to an ex to let him or her know of your upcoming nuptials before they learned about it on Facebook? How did that turn out?

Tell us everything about your crazy exes and we’ll meet back here on Thursday to swap horror stories.

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Okay so this is kind of the opposite...I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years and was very happily moving on with my life and seeing other men. About 3 months after we had broken up, I found out he had gotten a woman pregnant and she was about 3 months or so along. I was obviously a little outraged, but I thought it was best to just let it go as it was really none of my business.

Fast forward to the baby being born...It was a girl, and he gave her MY middle name. Before you say “unfortunate coincidence!” my middle name is a very uncommon, family name. We had specifically discussed using this name if we would ever have any children. Now, every time I think about my OWN damn middle name, I think about him.

I did not let that one go.