Do You Have A Wedding Tattoo? We Want To See It.

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Welcome to Pop The Question, a weekly space to dissect every aspect of wedding madness. Each Tuesday, we'll ask a question (sometimes there might even be a poll!), you'll share answers and stories, and then we'll bring you the best of the bunch on Thursdays. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fly into a total rage over something that doesn't actually matter … it will be just like your wedding day. has an article about the newest "trendlet" (brb, poisoning the water supply) in tattoo artistry: The finger tat.


Among the styles noted, including motifs "such as shamrocks, musical clefs, and ankhs" because of course, are the ever-popular marital tattoos.

There are, of course, almost as many couples-tattoo styles as there are couples out there, as this Coverist slideshow of nuptial body art demonstrates. There are tattoos that mimic the look of wedding rings, a la Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee. There are matching tattoos, there are tats that complete one another, there are tattoos that incorporate the name of your beloved or the date on which you took those vows. And we want to see 'em!

Show us pictures, explain how you selected your art, tell us how others reacted. We want details, people! We'll meet back in our proverbial parlor on Thursday to ohh and ahh over the coolest ways in which you inked yourself in celebration of your marriage.


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Husband and I secretly eloped in Key West, came back with fancy new rings and coordinates of the beach we got hitched on.