Everyone's A Winner: Your Amazing Sports-Themed Weddings And Proposals

I cannot tell you how worried I was that there wouldn't be any Jumbotron proposal stories in response to this week's Pop The Question about your sports-themed nuptials. I will never doubt again.


This was SUCH fun! It was very definitely a niche topic, but what we lost in quantity we sure made up for in quality. And now it's time to line up to shake hands and say, "Good game, good game," to the best of your sports-themed marital events. Starting with, naturally, the Jumbotron!


I proposed to my fiancé July 29, 2010 at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, where the KC Royals play.

She is a big fan and I had to pay big; I met with some people the day of the game and they let me know when it would play on the big screen. Moments before the time, she had to go to the bathroom, but luckily made it back just in time.

The stadium no longer does them and we were featured on the local news to talk about it.

Laceybee [click through for photos!]

My future husband is very into Spanish Soccer - specifically the National team and Real Madrid. So, we're having mini replica Spanish jerseys as our table numbers. I don't know if it is a theme per se, but it is pretty perplexing to my day of coordinator that our table numbers don't go in order.


Speaking of photos! Take a look at ohmaykay80's adorable soccer wedding cake.



I had *quite* the sports themed engagement/wedding and i LOVED it! My fiancé tricked me into thinking we were going on a tour of Angel stadium but ended up proposing on top of the dugout. Stadium was empty- my aunt who worked there hooked us up- and it was fantastic. We had baseball ticket themed save the dates and we figured since we'd gone that far to really go for it. We had the wedding reception in the diamond club at Angel stadium and even got to take our pictures on the field and run the bases. It was a totally dream come true for my husband and I and our pictures are kick ass. I know not everyone loves a sports-y wedding but we loved every minute and I've had multiple people tell me it was the one of the best weddings they've ever been to. Not so humble brag! Also, it was surprisingly affordable compared to other venues we looked at. Bonus!


There were so many stories that I loved, that this week I couldn't pick a favorite. Luckily, my sports theme lends itself nicely to picking three stories and calling it a hat trick. Booyah!

La.C. [click through for photos!]

My husband and I got engaged while hiking in RMNP. We then got married in Bootleg Canyon in Nevada, premiere downhill mountain biking. The ceremony was officiated, we got suited up and then we bombed that fucking hill like pros. (Not really, I slid on my ass pulling my bike behind me most of the way because we were from Tennessee and didn't know how to ride on rock and gravel, but I digress.) I got married in my downhill shoes. We spent the whole honeymoon traveling across the great American west riding our bikes and doing honeymoon things. It was awesome.



My father and I wanted a dance at my wedding, but neither of us are slow dancers. We went to tons of Hartford Whalers games together when I was a kid, though, so we did a boogie to their old fight song instead. One of his friends recorded it for posterity.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on a Yahoo! Sports article written about the video my dad's friend took over a year later.

We are terrible dancers, but it was so great.

Here is the video!

And finally, I must admit that this is entirely personal bias at play, but man I just loved Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0's so very, very much.

We had two ring bearers (my husband's cousins, ages 8 and 5). I made Patriots and Red Sox pillows for them to carry the rings on. I got these flags that clip on to your car window which were really two flags sewn together so they were double sided. I removed the sticks, stuffed them, sewed them up, and added a ribbon to tie a ring on. All on their own, the boys decided to carry them down the aisle OVER THEIR HEADS, like they were championship trophies. I let them keep them. That's A+ ring bearing.


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