A man who didn’t want his girlfriend to be in a wedding party has been arrested after actually removing the woman from the premises. Stevens Ewald is being held on $4,000 bail after the unidentified woman confirmed to police that she was taken and held against her will.

While Ewald’s girlfriend (who is hopefully now his ex) was found without injury, the ordeal must have been terrifying for her. According to the Sun-Sentinel, the Palm Beach resident was participating in a friend’s wedding when Ewald decided he didn’t want her riding around in a limo or scattering flower petals anywhere. Just as the bride’s limo pulled up to the wedding location, Ewald took his girlfriend aside for a talk, which ended up with him trapping her inside his car. The Sun-Sentinel reports that Ewald tried to get his girlfriend to come with him after he spoke to her in private but she just shook him off. That’s when he got aggressive.

As the wedding party lined up to go into the venue, Ewald took her by force into a car. When one witness realized what was going on, she called 911, according to the report.

Ewald has been charged with kidnapping and battery. He’s also probably being charged with ruining the bride’s special day by everyone at the wedding. Unfortunately, being a dangerous and insufferable jackass doesn’t carry any jail time.

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Image via WSOCTV.