Guy Proposes to Girlfriend Through Bachelor Host's Instagram Account

Covering everything you've ever loved (public proposals, The Bachelor, Chris Harrison and the 'Gram) in one fell swoop, a man proposed to his girlfriend via Bachelor host Chris Harrison's Instagram account today – and SHE SAID YES.

Via a blurb below a photo of Scotty holding a sign that reads "Will you marry me?", it appears that Harrison helped move things along, just like he does on the show:

Pardon me Megan @Megan_ebert could you please answer this very important question for my man Scotty @boltupp Good luck! & All my blessings... If she says yes


Or did he? At least one commenter who claims to be friends with the couple alleges that Scotty actually proposed in Central Park and not on social media ("THATS MY BEST FRIEND!" he writes. "I'm so happy for them!!!!!!"), so perhaps this was a double proposal situation. As both Megan and Scotty's Instagram accounts are private, it's hard to glean what exactly is going on; we had to wait two hours just to see, via Harrison, whether Megan would be Scotty's blushing bride. One thing is clear: because of the use of Harrison's Instagram account as an intermediary between Megan and Scotty (and the recent tweets on the bride-to-be's Twitter account), we are dealing with at least one, if not two, huge Bachelor fans.

No matter how it went down, things seem to be working out for the couple. Let's just wait for that Good Morning America appearance for the details–though maybe they'll get a whole primetime special on ABC if they're lucky.

Update: The plot thickens.

She said yes! Congrats Megan and Scotty. Well played my boy. I wish you two many years of happiness ahead

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What if this is just a big ploy so she or he can be a Bachelorette/a Bachelor? Like, they "break-up," she/he needs to "learn to open her/his heart and love again," she/he reaches out to Chris Harrison and BOOM on TV.