Oh My God: This ISIS-Themed Wedding Is Truly Horrifying

Sometimes you are faced with a story so breathtakingly abhorrent, your brain is biologically incapable of comprehension—but it's so insane, you can't keep it to yourself. This is one such story.

If you're on the hunt for misguided, offensive wedding themes and behavior, you needn't look far: Colonial. Hobo. Native American. African. Jewish (for goyim). Aztec. White folk jumping the broom. So many teepees. None of this is good, but nothing compares to a recent wedding motif out of Egypt: ISIS. Yes, an ISIS-themed wedding.

The groom convinced his best men to don balaclavas and storm the room wielding knives. Music similar to what one hears in ISIS propaganda videos played. Don't worry, it gets worse: The pretend jihadis then held the bride and groom by knifepoint and "forced" them to climb in a cage reminiscent of the one in which Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasabeh was burned alive. But instead of lighting the cage up in flames, the "jihadis" made the happy couple dance while everyone around them clapped and cheered because this was super fun. Did you watch the video? Watch the video. So much fun.


Reportedly not all guests found the awful stunt amusing; some at first thought the tomfoolery was a real attack. And it's unclear whether the bride knew about any of this in advance, but she was allegedly told beforehand to expect a "different" kind of surprise during the ceremony.

There is no social context for this event, no lens of cultural relativity through which we might fairly view such a wedding. It exists beyond all boundaries. It is disturbing. Beyond words. Yeah, I'm out of words for this shit.

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i can't process that at all