John Legend Sang 'All Of Me' at a Couple's Wedding

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John Legend performed at a wedding that wasn’t our wedding. What gives?

Legend was recently hired to sing his treacly wedding classic “All of Me” at the nuptials of Sunitha and Sridhar Reddy in Huntington Beach, California.

E! reports:

As the couple took the floor, “Grammy Award winner John Legend” was announced over the speakers, and Legend himself suavely walked up to the piano at the stage. He tapped the piano keys and launched into his well-known hit “All of Me.”

At one point during the performance, the groom lifted his bride and spun her around the dance floor—the perfect way to punctuate such a sweet moments [sic].


Legend previously offered his wedding singer services in a charity video, so this must be his side job now.

Congrats, I guess, to the newlyweds who got this lovely serenade.

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These photos are of the couple’s engagement party; not the wedding reception, just the engagement party:

So I’m thinking they had the coin to hire John Legend. Estimates on what he charges? Has to be more than $100k plus expenses, right?