True love is: Lark Voorhies marrying a dude she met on Facebook a year ago, in Las Vegas.

Voorhies—better known Lisa Turtle, or an actress with serious issues unknown to us—wed Jimmy Green on April 30 in a simple Vegas ceremony.

Reasons this is a great story:

  • They met on Facebook a year ago.
  • He’s a music engineer.
  • They’ve had two weddings already...
  • ...including a “commitment ceremony” on April Fool’s Day.
  • And this Vegas ceremony, where she wore a big floppy hat and shades.
  • “Her groom wore a plaid button-down shirt and jeans.”
  • A bigger, official wedding will take place next year.
  • They have not yet lived in the same home.

Congrats to these lovebirds.

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Image via YouTube/ET