Nothing Says 'I Love Me' More Than a Bedazzled Selfie Stick at Your Wedding

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Designer Reem Acra has rhinestone-covered selfie sticks in her fall 2016 bridal collection. It’s perhaps the best creation of our time.


If you’re a bride-to-be who’s obsessed with selfies and showmanship, why not go all out?

Carrying a gaudy selfie stick down the aisle requires an impressive level of self-indulgence and honesty. It says, “I love you. But I love me more.”


Other designs in this collection include selfie sticks (as well as headphones) adorned with flowers, jewels and bows that match the gowns.

Just imagine walking around with this beauty (of course we mean you) in hand. Me, myself and I do.


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Image via Reem Acra/Instagram

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And a pair of headphones to add to the complete “look”, because who wants to listen to all those stupids at your wedding? Just leave the gift on the table or the card with money in the box, eat your meal, and shut up. (There is no place for headphones besides on trains, in quiet areas or any other place where you’re not expected to interact with people. Worst offenders: those who wear headphones while bicycling.)