See the Terrified Face of a Man Who's Just Torn His Bride's Gown

Welcome, friends, to the circus of wedding horrors — a carnival of terror more horrifying than anything you could imagine. To your left, a row of hideous knockoff dresses from Asia; to your right, the room of unfortunate proposals; and to the center, well, this is our crown jewel — a photo of the exact moment this groom's life was over. Gaze upon it and wince, my friends, because this groom: He ded.

Okay, so maybe he not ded. Maybe he maimed just a little, or maybe he just overcome with guilt, but this photo is pretty amazing, no? This guy is ripping his bride's gown while trying to dance to whatever he learned at the lesson (probably a waltz, because that is the easiest thing to do) (although at my wedding it will be a kicky box step) and the photographer, who is clearly a genius, is getting all of it on film. I can't. This is just too perfect.


The groom, who posted this to imgur himself, says that he and his wife are still happily together and, apparently, enjoying a robust sex life. The photo, unfortunately has not yet been framed and placed in a place of honor. To be honest, if this were me I would have probably gone to Costco and already had this made into a blanket and blown up into a poster. Wouldn't you?

Image via Imgur

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