Show Us Your Clever And Inventive Cake Toppers

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That’s Nerdalicious has a round-up of British concern Genefy Playground’s pop culture-inspired wedding cake toppers. Couples can pick any characters they want, in any combination (the Batman/Snow White pairing is a touch confusing, but they do say, after all, that opposites attract).


As adorable as they are, I bet you can top them. I will not apologize for that pun, no I will not.

So let’s see ‘em! Did you go traditional bride and groom? (Or bride and bride, or groom and groom?) Did you have a floral arrangement topper? Was whimsy more your style? Tell us, also, who designed the topper and how much you paid, if you feel up to sharing that information with the group.

On Thursday, we’ll meet back here to exclaim over your creative cake choices.

Image via Genefy Playground.

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the deviant unicorn

Ours was a unicorn wearing a veil and a t-rex wearing a top hat. The t-rex was then stomping on a tradition plastic little bride and groom thing from the dollar store. I made the whole thing myself. I think I paid maybe, tops, $25 for all the bits and pieces to put it together?