The Engagement Ended. What Did You Do With The Ring?

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The New York Observer recently featured a story about I Do Now I Don't, a site that facilitates the sale of used engagement rings.


Speaking to the Observer, Josh Opperman, who founded I Do Now I Don't after his own broken engagement, shared what he discovered when he tried to offload the ring his ex-fiancée returned to him.

"When I was taking back my ring, I didn't want store credit. I went to various other sources and I was only getting 30% back of what I paid for it. I tried e-Bay and there were a lot of scams on there. From that experience, I thought there must have been a better, safer way to do this."

And with that, an entrepreneur was born along with a thriving marketplace for previously owned bridal jewelry (as well as watches, designer clothing and wedding dresses).

So this week we're asking what those of you who have been through a broken engagement, or know someone who has, did about the ring.

  • Did you return it?
  • Did you keep it?
  • If you kept it, what did you do with it? Have it reset? Keep wearing it? Move it to your right hand? Sell it?
  • If you sold it, what did you do with the money?
  • Were there horrible fights? Will you tell us about them?

We'll gather 'round the campfire on Thursday to enjoy the best of your stories.

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Engagement jewelry is such a sham. I will admit laziness right now and say I couldn't be bothered to find the source article, but I read that rings (especially with stones on them) are artificially inflated to be the ridiculous prices they are now - and the reselling value is just awful.

Probably why I stuck to some pretty shinies (cubic zirconia has a higher refractive index than diamonds anyway if you're looking for bling) for the pair of us that cost about $100 total for the engagement, and spent about $500 for a pair of durable, but nice looking, plain white gold bands.