These CrossFit Freaks Took Amazing Engagement Photos

If you need an idea for engagement photos and your body is impossibly buff and limber, maybe try this. A CrossFit enthusiast couple from Ocoee, Florida had these photos taken to celebrate their engagement.

The extremely athletic human beings pictured above are Joe Marttila and Ili Buenrostro, who started with the simple idea to do their engagement photo shoot at their local gym, CrossFit High Intensity. According to their amazingly named photographer Cricket Whitman, it went well.


Whitman tells BuzzFeed:

"Joe mentioned they had thought about doing a few shots at the gym. I loved it. It wasn't about showing off what they can do, but really about them as a couple... They are one of those rare couples that you can 'see' their love. One of those couples that naturally just put their heads together in love and you find him sneaking kisses on her forehead."

Sneaking kisses:


"Let's take our love of CrossFit to the next level."


Who can't do that?

Images via Cricket Whitman

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