These Wedding Tattoos Will Make You Want Your Own Wedding Tattoo

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I'm not sure what I expected from my request to see your couples tattoos. It definitely did not include hand banana tush tats. Which mostly makes me mad at my imagination.

But there they are, in all their glory! And my God are they ever glorious. Thank you, The Seaward, for sharing them with us.

As fantastic as this exercise turned out to be, there was one huge problem: It became quickly clear that I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite. So instead I prowled the comments thread like a feral animal and starred every single reply that included a photo. (I hope. I might have missed a few? Not intentional, I promise!) So head back over to the comments on the original post and select the option to view "Jolie Kerr's Discussions," which will allow you to scroll easily through all of the great shots of the even greater wedding tattoos.


I did, however, want to highlight comeonpoppet's comment, even though it didn't include a photo, because it was so sweet.

We each have "Love, Dad" in my father's handwriting on our left inside wrists. My Dad died a year before our wedding but he was more of a father to my husband than his ever was.

Too intimate to share the pictures but it was our way of exchanging rings.

Image via The Seaward.

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Holy crap. Thanks, Jolie. That's really really kind.