This Love & Basketball Inspired Proposal Is a Winner

Even if you normally detest public proposals, this one might warm your aortic chambers, especially if you’re a diehard Love & Basketball fan.

While playing a one-on-one game with his fellow baller girlfriend Brey Dorestt in the gym, Alex “Superman” Johnson fakes an injury and can guess what happens. Alex gets on one knee and whips out a ring. The crowd goes wild. Brey says yes, but more important, she’s still focused on the game. “It’s my ball!” she says. Gotta love how she just stares at Alex when he hits the floor.

The proposal was apparently inspired by Love & Basketball, though #actually we never saw Quincy propose t0 Monica. But Alex did play Brey one-on-one for her heart...and won. He crossed over without fouling, played exceptional defense and hit a slam dunk to win the game in overtime. Triangle offense.


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