Too Many Bridesmaids

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It is absolutely no surprise that you had a lot to say about how many bridesmaids is too many bridesmaids.


The results of our poll were heavily skewed toward a preference for smaller bridal parties; 44 percent of you felt that more than four bridesmaids was too many, and 40 percent of you felt that more than six ‘maids by the side of the bride was excessive. Over on the other end of the poll, 2 percent of you were all, “BRING ON THE LAVENDER TAFFETA!” selecting the “There’s no such thing as too many bridesmaids” option.


But the real story here was the spectacular display of Right Bridesmaid fanfic that our lead GIF produced. A tip o’ the veil to our own Kelly Faircloth for getting the party started. These were a few of my favorite responses to Right Bridesmaid’s performance on the dock of doom:

I love the girl on the far right who’s just like NOPE BYEEEEE the minute she sees trouble with the dock

Yes! She had to have met the bride playing lacrosse or something, girl reacted fast!

I also appreciate how the third girl from the right almost knocks over the second bridesmaid from the right trying to make her escape. Every maid for herself!

“Like HELL I’m sitting through the reception with wet foundation garments”

She leaps to safety all “GOOD FUCKING LUCK.”

then there is the third girl in that pushes past the girl in front of her “screw this - you are just too slow...”

“And I alone survived to tell the tale.”

We salute you, Right Bridesmaid. Take your rightful place in the Hall of Marvins.

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So this is related to the whole bridesmaids thing. I’m not even engaged, but (presumably) will be very soon and this is already weighing on me.

I’ve been “best friends” with this girl since elementary school. We were roommates in college and then I went and got a big-girl job and she went to law school. We’re back in the same city and for the last 2 years she’s been a really shitty friend. I won’t go into details, but she’s just been really flaky, she doesn’t really give a shit about my boyfriend, and she doesn’t know anything about my life because she only talks about herself 90% of the time. Honestly, I don’t even want to be friends with her at this point but she’s made it crystal clear that she, like, expects to be my MOH at my eventual-wedding. My boyfriend is definitely of the “fuck that” mentality because he doesn’t like how she’s treated me, but I don’t know. Is it better to appease her to avoid stirring things up or make her a regular bridesmaid (or GASP a reader) and deal with her drama?