Valentine's Day Proposals and Weddings: Ghastly or Great?

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When the Hallmark Channel tweets out "fun facts" you can be sure it is with regards to something utterly clichéd. And what could be more clichéd than a Valentine's Day proposal? It's a thing that the Wedding Industrial Complex goes all in on, devoting ad dollars and an unknowable number of proverbial column inches to the subject.


Cartier is in on the act, naturally, with a short film (cough cough commercial cough cough) called The Proposal. Not to be outdone, the city of Dubai sees Cartier's short film/commercial and raises it a Proposal Boutique.

But it's not just a case of buying a ring these days. From flame-throwers to flash mobs, no proposal scenario is too elaborate. If your big moment doesn't at least have a fighting chance of going viral on YouTube, then perhaps you need to make more effort.

If you're going to require some help, the Proposal Boutique works with would-be fiancés to create the perfect proposal, incorporating personal touches like favourite movies, past holidays, special songs and more.


Sure, special songs sound nice!

If you're more of a DIY-er, The Knot has Marriage Proposals: 10 Valentine's Day Ideas; Brides compiled 5 Valentine's Day-Proposal Ideas That Are Anything But Cliché because they're on to us, apparently; and HuffPost helpfully offers 12 Valentine's Day Proposal Dos and Don'ts (sample: "Don't propose in a creepy way." Oh good to know, thank you!)

But what's wrong with clichés, really? Weddings are rife with them, after all. So maybe this side-eyeing is all a bit unfair to the Valentine's Day proposal or wedding. Which is what we're here to determine today! So what say you, yes bring on the Valentine's Day wedding events? Or does the idea of it make you want to die? Did you have a V-Day wedding? Tell us about that! Did your beloved get down on bended knee on this, the most romantical of days? We want to know what that was like! And also, let's have a poll, because we haven't had one of those in a while.


As we do, we'll come back to this same space on Thursday to tally the results and determine, once and for all, how to feel about Valentine's Day proposals and weddings.

Poll closes on Wednesday, February 11 at Midnight EST.

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