Was Your Wedding Ride Cooler Than The Wienermobile?

A Columbus, OH couple enjoyed a whimsical and wonderful form of transportation at their recent wedding—the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile ferried the bride from her hotel to the ceremony.

Paige Jordan wanted a fairytale wedding, complete with a horse-drawn carriage. Her parents couldn’t make that happen for her, but managed to pull off something much cooler: They got a specially appointed Wienermobile!

The bridal party was getting ready at a hotel. So that’s where the Wienermobile arrived, to take Paige to a Northside restaurant, site of the ceremony and dinner.

“When it drove up, it had flowers on it. It had tulle on it on so it makes it look like a veil.” Paul said.

And instead of a rope of cans tied to the back bumper, there were mustard and ketchup bottles.

That is one cool-ass way to get to your wedding. Damn.

Maybe you can top it? Tell us about your special wedding day transportation! Did you have one of those getaway cars outfitted with beer cans and condoms? Did you and your beloved pedal to the reception on a matching pair of bicycles? Any Punjabi brides have stories of their grooms’ white horses getting spooked? Show us photos, tell us what went wrong, give us all the good details you know we want.


I’ll just say it now: If one of you comes along and tells me your getaway car was the L.L. Bean Bootmobile, come Thursday, when we gather to enjoy your best stories, I will declare you the winner in the few remaining seconds I have here on this earth before I die of envy.

Image via Instagram.

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we drove back to our reception in my husbands rx7

And he built me a mother fucking tardis so I win