Your Wedding Getaway Cars Are Spectacular

Perhaps the splashy wedding ride has gone the way of wedding night sex? It makes sense, since so many weddings now take place in one location—the need for fancy transportation for the bride and groom is no longer as necessary as in olden days. But thank goodness some of you were still riding in style because, while extra niche, boy was the response to this week's Question ever fun!

upbrakie had a perfectly succinct answer to the question, "Was your wedding ride cooler than the Wienermobile?": "Possibly. Mine was a diesel locomotive."


thundertheft: "We did a pre-reception (which I called the conception) before the ceremony and hired a high school marching band to lead the guests from the party to the wedding venue across the street. That is my husband and I, along with our wonderful officiant, leading the band. It also served as our 'walk down the aisle.'"


HeyDorthVader writes: "I didn't get a say in this, but my parents got us Molly the Trolley to shuttle our guests from the reception venue (where there was parking) to our ceremony venue (where parking would have been a bear) and back again. We got lots of comments and congratulations from random people! For anyone in New Hampshire it's from the Wolfeboro Trolley Company."


Rethwyn: "My parents' old red van, complete with table! I loved that old thing. When my brother was a kid, he always said he wanted to live in it someday."



"I love fire trucks. We went outside to take some photos, and whaddya know, an awesome 40s-era fire truck came around the corner. Dim bulb that I am, I thought, "Wow, this is sure convenient. I hope the photographer get some shots before it drives away!" No, dum dum. My rad dude found a sweet couple on Craigslist with a vintage fire truck and hired them to surprise me. Pics when I finally figured it out. Then some wee kilted lads on it, because squee. (Still not better than a Wienermobile, though.)"



Verdict: Tiny kilted children, better than a Wienermobile.

You know, I hate to reward cockiness, but yeah, Lhandburn more or less killed it with her TARDIS photobooth (the RX-7 is p sweet too): "We drove back to our reception in my husbands rx7. And he built me a mother fucking tardis so I win"


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